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The Ian Rae Collection - 60s to the 90s


Is It All A Dream? - the first song I ever wrote at the age of 14 and part of the repertoire of "The Ministry of Beat" the band I was playing with at the time. I hope to re-record this in the near future

In the late 60s I was playing with "Force Four" and wrote these songs

 Walkin' Back To You            No No I Don't Care No More

Read Between the Lines         Knock on my Door         


My next band was "Something Completely Different" and with them I produced a number of songs as well as a new version of "Read Between the Lines". These tracks are from vinyl disks created in the early 1970s and have quite a bit of crackle.


Hey Girl                        Goodbye My Love                     Beware of the Dark

Back in 1970                   Looking In the Mirror?                The King is All Alone

  Walking In the Rain       More Than You'll Ever Know       Read Between the Lines



In the mid 1980s, with the help of my then young children, Andrew and Fiona - cheap child labour - I did puppet shows at children's parties and they proved to be very popular. The puppets performed to a sound track which had all the dialogue and songs sung by the main characters. Here are three songs from the very popular "Peter Panic" the little boy who always got stressed.


Wendy Sings About Nana       

Captain Hook's Song    Wendy Sings About Being Lonely


Also in the 80s I was asked to write a score for Croydon Histrionics production of A Midsummer Night's Dream and here are two of the songs written for that production


Lullaby *+                           On the Ground *+


And now for something completely different - here is the download from the relaxation and meditation album "Crystal Caves" where the Ian Rae keyboard orchestra produced music which was actually used during operations in a medical operating theatre

Crystal Caves Download                 

Again Something different - some songs which are more like folk songs and a pre-cursor to the Robert Burns Album

Shed No Tears For Me *           Why Won't You Wait For Me         Drink and Be Merry


In the 80s I was asked to write two songs for church youth conferences, and I produced "At All Times In All Places" (worthy of note since the verse and the chorus harmonise when sung together) and "Faith Links Us All" Following on I produced three songs based on well known Psalms - these five songs are added here

At All Times in All Places  *+             Faith Links Us All

            By His Side *              I Look Up To The Hills *+                  Sing To The Lord


I was then asked to write a short musical to be performed at the Fairfield Halls Concert Hall and "The Spotted Boy" was created, based on a true story of a boy with a disfigured face who was shown as a fairground attraction at the "Fair Fields" in Croydon where there was an annual fairground. It contains thirteen songs

Welcome to the Fair          You Can See Them                    Funny Old World

Hush Little Baby                    Fair Exchange                       Mark of the Devil

          Fair Exchange 2         Welcome to the Fair 2          Somebody Else's Problem

        Cross My Heart                       Prayer                          Funny Old World 2

A Face That Can't Be Forgotten


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Copies of the sheet music and backing tracks for many of the songs are available for immediate download at To purchase a copy of either the sheet music or the backing track please use the link below. Songs which have sheet music are marked with a * and those which have backing tracks are marked with a +

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