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The Ian Rae Collection - The Later Years


Having been asked to write a number of Christmas Carols for use at the St Andrews School annual Carol Service I soon had enough to produce an album. "Sing Everyone Sing"


              Sing Everyone Sing *                     Little Child               Why Because It's Christmas

The Sound of Distant Laughter       Child In A Manger                      Traveller

           Tell Out My Soul                  Sleep Till Morning Light             Don't Be Afraid   

         Where Is The Wonder                   The Child Has Been Born         Time to Follow the Star

Go to Sleep My Child                 How Still You Lie   


Since I spend much of my time playing jazz it is only right that I include some jazz, including "The Pliable, Reliable Freedom Pass"


Nobody Wants You When You're Old              The Pliable Reliable Freedom Pass

The Rainbow is Just a Shade of Grey *


March 2012 saw my grandson, Dylan's first birthday and to celebrate the occasion these two baby songs were written

Soapy Bubbles in my Bath                 Superbaby


In 2012 in collaberation with Chris Chambers "Olympus The Musical" was produced and staged at the Ahcroft Theatre, Fairfield Halls in Croydon and at the Minack Theatre in Cornwall to coincide with the arrival of the Olympic Flame. Although an unknown musical - based on an unknown story it made a profit and was watched by 4000


Faster Higher Stronger                   Olympus                     Till the Morning Breaks Once Again

The Games                         Asclepiosity                           If I Could Talk To You

You Are the Air I Breathe          Is There No One Here?                 Can You Explain?             

Where Do I Go From Here?      How Many Dreams Did I Have?       Where's Our Happy                                                                                                          Ending?          

     Take A Memory of Me               No Place To Run                         A Billion Flames              

            Carry The Torch / There's a Light 


Following the success of Olympus I wrote, with the help of Gee Rook, the follow up "I Hate Musicals" which was staged successfully in Nov/Dec 2000 - and it made a profit!   



     We're Poor                    Look Out Look Out                             I Hate Musicals

            Drink With Me              Evil's In the Air Tonight              Love Is In the Air Tonight

      I'll Wake Your World          Dancing In the Pale Moonlight               A Place of Our Own

     Just Turn Around           We'll Put An End To Dracula              I Vonted Partz



   Finally, just a few demo versions of songs from "The Big Deal" co-written with Steve Humfress. This show, all about a computer salesman in the 1990s who sells his soul to the devil, has not yet been staged


They Like Me                          Eternity                      Time to End the Deal

 Hanging On                       From Today                    Don't Know What I'd
                                                                               Do Without Him


Copies of the sheet music and backing tracks for many of the songs are available for immediate download at To purchase a copy of either the sheet music or the backing track please use the link below. Songs which have sheet music are marked with a * and those which have backing tracks are marked with a +

Ian Rae's Music at Sheet Music Plus

Over the past year Ian has been regularly performing on TikTok to his 275K followers and has issued a single and 2 albums on Spottify, Amazon, Apple, Youtube etc. To listen to him on Spotify use the link below