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The Ian Rae Collection - The Middle Years


The 90s saw the rise of girl and boybands so with the help of Simon Cooper and Fiona Rae I produced a number of pop songs, including the bad taste, "Ludwig - Can't You Hear Me" where Beethoven's girlfriend attempts to get him to pack in his music and just get married.

Ludwig - Can't You Hear Me *           You're The One              I'll Be Waiting Here 

   I Just Can't Say Goodbye         Just One Chance In a Lifetime           Reach Up

           Lean On Me        Just How Long Has This Been Going On?       2000 Miles

In the Night                The King is All Alone


   Next came Galene the follow up to Crystal Caves but this time with twelve separate tracks


Galene 01               Galene 02                  Galene 03                Galene 04

Galene 05               Galene 06                  Galene 07                Galene 08

Galene 09               Galene 10                   Galene 11                 Galene 12


Following on, I worked on the songs for Burns, Banks and Braes, a collection of Robert Burns songs using traditional and new music which was released in 1997


Robin Adair *+              O My Love is Like a Red Red Rose +            Logan Braes *+

 Ye Banks and Braes *+         O Thou Hast Left Me Ever Jamie *+         John Anderson My Jo *+

My Heart's in the Highlands *+              Ca' the Yowes *+                 Till Jamie Comes Hame *+

Ae Fond Kiss *+

A short promotional video for the album is available at Robert Burns Songs
Full versions of these songs are available on Itunes, Google Play, Amazon, XBox Music etc


I've always been a great fan of the standards of the Gershwins, Jerome Kern and Cole Porter so next I decided to write some "new" standards and Fiona helped record and produce them.


When Hello Becomes Goodbye                Fantasy                 Close Your Eyes

  Let Me Down Gently                  The Dream That's Gone                 Sometimes

  Gone Like the Wind         The Music Goes Round and Around         Old and Shabby Overcoat

          Don't Turn Around            The Trouble We've Been Through


The year 2000 saw the arrival of a new musical in collaberation with John Harries-Rees - The Amazing Adventures of Alice 


Alice in Wonderland                 I Can't Remember                   I'm So Scared

     I'm A Mouse                    You Are Old Father William              Stop Crying

Dance Dance Dance                Down In the Trenches                Evidence

            Wonderland 2                 Through the Looking Glass         Think of Tomorrow/I'm
                                                                                                      a Queen

         The School Song                  The Truth is Near                   Sitting on a Gate

           Don't Be Afraid/I'm So Scared



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Copies of the sheet music and backing tracks for many of the songs are available for immediate download at To purchase a copy of either the sheet music or the backing track please use the link below. Songs which have sheet music are marked with a * and those which have backing tracks are marked with a +

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